2014 > Hello, World!

2014 BCLA Conference

Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel, 1133 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC March 31 to April 2, 2014

Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals is closed. Thank you to all who have submitted their proposals, we are now in the process of selecting the program. Check back soon for the announcement of the 2014 Conference Program!

This year’s conference theme is >Hello, World! which we hope captures a sense of optimism, creativity, exploration, and engagement with the world. In this spirit, we chose five program streams that we believe are vital areas of dialogue to take us forward: access, community, evidence, place, work. They are areas of shared and necessary interest for everyone in all libraries, without the boundaries that can tend to keep library sectors in our silos.

The five program streams are starting points. How do you want to connect the dots? What does the picture look like for you? Talk to collaborators from inside and outside of libraries. Think about ways to present together that excite you. We encourage you to take a risk, present something imperfect, or present it in a non-traditional way.

It is our greatest hope that >Hello, World will reconvene us as a collective who share a passion for the future of libraries and the sessions and conversations will be equal parts reflective, frank, creative, and forward looking.

All speakers must be willing to register for the day they are attending. Speakers will receive a $50 discount in registration costs, up to a maximum of 3 people per session.


Program Streams


Commodification of information, copyright, licensing vs ownership, digitization and preservation, metadata schemas and standards, open access, closed stacks, and institutional repositories – ensuring information remains accessible for everyone is not easy or guaranteed. Are our current tools of access and description adequate? What are we doing to advocate for free access and is it enough? What are the threats to access in both the physical and digital worlds?


If what we do in libraries isn’t about our communities, then is it about anything at all? Libraries – public, academic, school or special – belong to a multitude of communities and are building relationships in those communities in different ways. What are the communities we belong to how are we engaging with them in meaningful ways? In these times of outreach, partnerships, community-based services, and community-led libraries, let’s set aside some time for deliberate, meaningful reflection.


Evidence based library practice anyone? With this stream, we hope to make space for librarians and other information professionals to talk about research and how their findings can contribute to decision making in our professional practice. Let’s look beyond reference and circulation stats and ask how are we really doing?


Learning space, maker/hackerspace, community space, physical and online space– the library as place of cultural and intellectual meaning is in a period of renewal. We are reconfiguring our spaces to be flexible and in many ways undefined. What are we learning about public space, user needs, and libraries as places?


From collective bargaining and workers’ rights to professional development and identity, to the nuanced politics of communal fridges, we all share experiences and have valuable insight to contribute as workers. In this stream, we propose an exploration of that role within our various contexts. Let’s talk theory, practice, and everything in between.

Sessions may range from 45 minutes to 75 minutes. The final program will be a combination of selected submissions and invited speakers. The deadline for the call for proposals is now closed.