2015 Creative Communities

2015 Creative Communities

BC Library Conference 2015

Proposal submission FAQ

Frequently asked questions about submitting a proposal

The submission process has now ended and the proposals are being reviewed.  Thank you to all who submitted a proposal.

Archive of FAQ:

1)    What information will I need to submit my proposal?

You will need the following information:

Speakers and proposer:  Name, Job Title, Institution and Email for session proposer and all speakers (up to 3 per session); bios for each session speaker (100 words max per person, you may revise these later if your session is selected) and costs associated with each speaker (if applicable).

Session information: Stream information (see: Call for Proposals), proposed session title, proposed session length (45 or 75 minutes), session description (max 300 words), and a description of why your session is relevant to libraries right now and how you think delegates will benefit from attending it.


2)    What do presenters need to know about speaking?

All speakers must register for the day they are attending. Speakers from the BC Library Community (librarian, trustee, friend of the library, or career library worker in British Columbia) will receive a $50 discount in registration costs; up to a maximum of 3 people receive discounts per session, and only one discount may be applied per person.

If there are any costs associated with speakers from outside the BC Library Community (speaker fees, honorarium, travel expenses, waived registration fee, etc) please be prepared to outline them completely during your submission.

3)     What if I have a special circumstance?

If you need to advise us of anything unusual, please use the Anything Else? text box near the end of the proposals form.

4)    When will I hear back about my submission?

The session selection committee will start deliberations immediately after the deadline for submissions.  The committee will begin contacting proposers by email in mid-January.

5)    If selected, what will I need to do?

If your session is selected, we will provide you with the time and date your session has been assigned.  We will ask you to confirm that you are still interested in participating, and will ask one session speaker to provide us with the room setup selection, Audiovisual equipment selection, and an agreement on behalf of all of the speakers for the session.  A deadline for this confirmation will be provided in our communication.

6)    Why might my session not be selected?

The BC Library Conference has a limited number of rooms and time slots available, and a budget they need to work within.  The Conference Planning Committee and Sessions Selections Committee try to create a program that is appealing and relevant to the BC Library Community.  The committee looks at feedback from past years and current areas of interest from our members to try to ensure a viable, vibrant set of sessions; unfortunately as there are far more excellent submissions than there are time slots, some proposals will inevitably not be selected.

7)    Can I get an extension to submit my proposal?

Unfortunately we have a firm deadline this year, so are unable to accept proposals after Dec. 10 at noon.

8)    Who can I contact if I need to make a correction or a change?

Please note: the committee has now received all of the proposals, so updates are no longer possible unless your session is selected.

Thank you!
If the change is minor, please email (Subject line: Session proposal correction [session title]) with the specifics (ie On my session proposal for session [Title XYZ], I accidentally selected Work and I meant to select Place).
If it is just a small typo that doesn’t make a difference to the content, you could also wait to see if your session is accepted, and if it is, submit the change at that point (you will have the opportunity to revise bios and the session description).

If there are multiple changes to your proposal, or if you are adding a speaker, please submit the form again IN FULL (with all fields filled completely) and send an email advising of this (Subject line: Session proposal re-submitted) to  We cannot combine multiple partial submissions – we will consider the most recent submission as the final submission if we receive multiple copies of the same proposal.

9)    How do I submit my proposal?

The proposal form was linked here.

10) How do I get a copy of my proposal?

When you submit your form online you will have an opportunity to download your responses by clicking “Review Responses” (PDF or Word) at the bottom of the final page of your submission.

11) Will I receive a confirmation of my proposal by email?

No, an automated confirmation is not part of the proposal form this year, but we will see if we can implement it in future years.  Once you submit your proposal (continuing after “Anything else?”) we will have received your completed submission. Thank you!

12) Where can I ask a question not included in this list?

Please email – (subject line: Session Proposal question) and someone will get back to you soon.