2017 Seek. Spark. Ignite.

2017 Seek. Spark. Ignite.

BC Library Conference 2017

Proposal Submission Instructions & FAQ

How to submit a proposal

Using ProposalSpace

BCLA is using ProposalSpace to accept Call for Proposal submissions again this year. We will be using this web-based tool for receiving submissions, reviewing the proposals and communicating with submitters. ProposalSpace was highly recommended by our colleagues at the Ontario Library Association and was well received when used during last year’s conference planning.

Proposals will only be accepted through ProposalSpace and must be received by the deadline on Tuesday, December 6th 2016.

You will need to create a free account in ProposalSpace in order to submit a proposal.

BCLA’s Proposal submission form can be found here:

Required Information

In order to complete the proposal form you will require the following information:

Speakers and proposer:  Name, Job Title, Institution and Email for session proposer and all speakers; bio for each session speaker (100 words max per person, you may revise these later if your session is selected) and costs associated with each speaker (if applicable).

Session information: Stream information, proposed session title, proposed session length (45 or 75 minutes), session description (max 300 words), session setup requests, and a description of why your session is relevant to libraries right now and how you think delegates will benefit from attending it. (See the Call for Proposals for more about the streams)


First, you will create your free account on ProposalSpace.

To start your proposal, give it a nickname and click the Continue button. (The nickname is for your reference only. You may change it at any time.). A draft version will be saved to your account under My Proposals.

To begin editing your proposal, click on your proposal nickname.

my proposals j

Next, click on the Edit Content button

edit content j

Enter all of your Session Information. Once complete, click the Save Changes button.

save changes j


Please note, at this point your session has not been submitted yet and is still a draft. You will need to enter your Speaker information.

To enter Speaker information, go to the Persons Tab.

ps persons tabj

Adding a Speaker

If you have any other edits or changes to come, do not submit your proposal yet, simply save your draft and you can come back and edit it later by logging in.  Once you submit a proposal, you will not be able to make changes.

When your proposal is complete and ready to go, click on Submit This Proposal.

ps-submit proposalj

Once it has been submitted, you will be taken to a confirmation page and will also receive an email confirmation.

Please note: If the Session Content was not complete, the option to Submit the Proposal will not be available. Please go back to Edit Content or to the Persons tab to fill in the missing required information.

ps-incompl proposalj

Your ProposalSpace Account Home will also show you which of your proposals are Drafts and which have been submitted.

submissions j


Q: What do presenters need to know about speaking?

A: All speakers must register for the day they are attending. Speakers from the BC Library Community (librarian, trustee, friend of the library, or career library worker in British Columbia) will receive a $50 discount on their Conference registration; up to a maximum of 3 people receive discounts per session, and only one speaking discount may be applied per person.  Each room has a digital projector, screen, and podium mic. Computers are not supplied.

If there are any costs associated with speakers from outside the BC Library Community (speaker fees, honorarium, travel expenses, waived registration fee, etc) please be prepared to outline them completely during your submission.

Q: What if I have a special circumstance?

A: If you need to advise us of anything unusual (including room setup requests and technology requests beyond our standard package), please enter this under Session Setup Requests.

Q: When will I hear back about my submission?

A: The session selection committee will start deliberations immediately after the deadline for submissions.  The committee will begin contacting proposers by email at the beginning of January. You will receive an email from ProposalSpace confirming that your session proposal has been submitted; if you do not receive this, please check your ProposalSpace account and look at the status of your submission.  The status must be “submitted” for the committee to be able to review your proposal.

Q: If selected, what will I need to do?

A: If your session is selected, we will provide you with the time and date your session has been assigned.  We will ask you to confirm that you are still interested in participating, and will ask one session speaker to complete an agreement on behalf of all of the speakers for the session.  A deadline for this confirmation will be provided in our communication.

Q: Why might my session not be selected?

A: The BC Library Conference has a limited number of rooms and time slots available, and a budget they need to work within.  The Conference Planning Committee and Sessions Selections Committee try to create a program that is appealing and relevant to the BC Library Community.  The committee looks at feedback from past years and current areas of interest from our members to try to ensure a viable, vibrant set of sessions; unfortunately as there are far more excellent submissions than there are time slots, some proposals will inevitably not be selected.

Q: Can I get an extension to submit my proposal?

A: Unfortunately we have a firm deadline this year, so are unable to accept proposals after Dec. 6 at 23:59.

Q: Who can I contact if I need to make a correction or a change?

A: Please email our Conference Coordinator, (Subject line: Session proposal correction [session title]) with the specifics (ie On my session proposal for session [Title XYZ], I accidentally selected Work and I meant to select Place).

Q: Will I receive a confirmation of my proposal by email?

A: Yes, you will receive an email confirmation from ProposalSpace once you have submitted your session online.  You will also be able to see the status of your proposals by checking your ProposalSpace account.

Q: Do I need to provide a convenor for my session?

A: No, room convenors are provided for each session.

Q: Where can I ask a question not included in this list?

A: Please email – (subject line: Session Proposal question) and someone will get back to you soon.