2017 Seek. Spark. Ignite.

2017 Seek. Spark. Ignite.

BC Library Conference 2017

Registration FAQs

Q: Can I register on behalf of someone else?

If you register on behalf of an attendee, you must know the membership status and session / events selections for each participant. You will also need their preferred name (for their badge). Please use your own information in the “buyer” section and your participant’s information in the “attendee” section of the Eventbrite registration page. We strongly recommend that buyers advise their attendees that they will receive an email from Eventbrite asking them to “claim (their) order” and then “create a password to access their tickets”. It is simplest to delete this email, and have the buyer forward a copy of their order confirmation to the attendee. If you prefer that your attendees do not receive this email from Eventbrite, please use your own email address both as buyer and attendee, but be sure to enter the attendee’s name correctly.

Q: How much does it cost, and what are the deadlines?

The cost varies according to membership and student status – please see our Pricing page for details. The Early Bird deadline is March 10, and the final day for Regular online registration is April 7. On-site registration is subject to availability, and there is a surcharge of $50 – $100 on top of the regular rates.

Q: Am I a BCLA Member?

To check your BCLA membership status, please e-mail and copy Please allow two business days for a response.

Q: Am I covered by an Institutional Membership?

BCLA offers two types of Institutional Membership: the Regular Institutional Membership (costing $100 – $350 per year, depending on budget), and the Two-Person Institutional Membership (costing $190 – $440 per year). Ordinarily the Voting member for the membership is the person who uses the member pricing, but you may transfer the member pricing to another employee – please advise BCLA ( if you are doing this.

A Regular Institutional Membership allows your institution to send one person on a full registration at the member rate, OR two different people, each on a single-day registration at the member rate. If two different people are attending, they cannot share a full registration, and must purchase one Thursday only registration, and one Friday only registration (they are not covered to attend on the same day at the member rate).

A Two-person Institutional Membership allows your institution to send two people at the member rate on any day. For example, you could send person A on a full registration at the member rate, and then you could send person B on a Thursday-only at the member rate, and person C on a Friday-only at the member rate. You are not able to share a full registration between person B and person C, and they can’t both attend on the same day.

Our institutional memberships do not cover more than two people at a time as our member surveys have indicated that our institutional members prefer a lower up-front / annual membership cost (associations where the membership covers all employees usually have membership costs far higher than our annual fee).

To join BCLA please click here.

Q: Am I covered by another association Membership?

The BC Library Association has extended member rates to the following associations: BC Library Trustee Association, Health Libraries Association of BC, and the BC Museums Association. If you are a member of one of the listed associations, please complete your registration as a Member.

Q: Can multiple people share a registration?

No – due to insurance requirements and capacity limits, everyone who is attending needs to be registered under their own name for the day(s) they will be attending. Two people cannot share a full registration. Badges will be personalized and will indicate when they are valid. Please wear your badge the entire time; without it, you may be refused admittance to sessions and events.

Q: Are group registrations available?

No, group registration is not available. Eventbrite registration system allows registering only one attendee at at time. If you register on behalf of individual attendees, you must know the membership status and session selections for each participant. You will also need their preferred name (for their badge). Please forward each attendee a copy of their order confirmation.

If you prefer to have your participants register themselves, they can choose to pay by cheque, or they can pay up front and be reimbursed by your institution.

Please instruct employees on what to do with their confirmation if they choose to pay by cheque. BCLA can accept combined payments on one cheque, or we can accept credit card payment by phone after registration is completed online.

Bulk rebates: if your institution is sending 10 – 19 participants, you qualify to receive a rebate of 5% on your participants’ paid Conference registrations.  For 20 or more paid participants, you qualify for a 10% rebate. To claim these rebates, please send a list of your participants and fees paid to, cc:, subject line: Bulk rebate 2017 (institution name). This list must be received by April 7. BCLA will issue one cheque, payable to the claiming institution, by mid-May.  Registration fees for the BCLA Professional Development Institute sessions are not eligible for the rebate.

Q: Can I transfer a registration to someone else?

Registrations are not transferable and the type of registration cannot be “reduced” to a lower price category. If you wish to cancel or upgrade your registration, please contact BCLA in writing ( by April 7. There is a $50 handling fee for cancellations; upgrades will be available by paying the difference in price between the rate paid and the current rate for the new category.

Q: What do I need in order to register?

Please have ready your member status, the sessions and events you wish to attend (see the program here), and the name (required) and institution (optional) you want us to print on your badge. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted. An email address is required (you will receive a confirmation by email).

Q: Can I pay by cheque?

We prefer credit card payment if possible, but if you need to pay by cheque, please use these instructions: In the Payment section, choose Pay by Invoice. Complete all of the steps to register, and when you receive your confirmation, please print and mail a copy of this with your cheque. Please ensure that payment arrives at BCLA by April 7. The confirmation you receive is Eventbrite’s only “invoice” and it may not be sufficient for your accounting purposes, which is one of the reasons we recommend credit card payments. Please use the Order Number as your Invoice Number.

Q: Do I have to bring my printed confirmation to the event?

Your confirmation includes the sessions you selected when registering, so you may want to bring a copy. We will check your name at registration without needing to see your confirmation.

Q: Where do I go to register?

To register online, please click here. To pick up your badge on site at the Conference, please go to the Cordova Level of the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront on April 19 / 20 / 21 (depending on your registration type).

Q: What does registration include?

Full registration includes: Access to Wednesday tour (limited space – please select during registration), Wednesday Opening Keynote and Reception, as well as all sessions, breaks and events on Thursday and Friday (including access to the Trade Show on Wednesday evening and Thursday). A light lunch is provided on Thursday only; on Friday lunch is on your own.

Thursday registration includes: All open events (sessions, breaks, lunch in the exhibits, reception) on Thursday only. Includes the Conference Trade Show on Thursday. Does not include events on Wednesday or Friday.

Friday registration includes: All open events (sessions, breaks, closing keynote) on Friday only. Lunch is on your own.  Does not include events on Wednesday or Thursday.  Does not include the Trade Show as this ends on Thursday.

Exhibits only pass includes: Access to Trade Show (Exhibits) on Thursday, April 20 only between 10:15 am-4:45 pm. Includes lunch and breaks held in the Exhibits. Does not include access to sessions or events outside of the trade show.  This pass is for participants only – vendors should register here.

Q: If I am speaking and have a coupon code, where do I enter it?

On the Register pop-up that shows the various registration rates, there is a link at the upper right that says “Enter Promotional Code.” Enter the code in the field that opens, and click Apply.

Q: I can’t attend, can I get a refund?

Refund requests must be submitted by email to before April 7, and are subject to a $50 handling fee. Changes, including price “reductions” (from full to one-day) are treated as cancellations and are also subject to the same fee.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have other questions. 888-683-5354.

Q: Why should I select my sessions? Does selecting my sessions mean a seat is reserved for me?

Selecting your sessions helps us assign our largest rooms to the sessions with highest attendance. We check for valid badges at the door but session selection does not guarantee a seat, so please plan to arrive in time to find a seat.

Q: Once I’ve registered, can you switch my sessions for me?

Session selection is used as a guide for us for meeting room size allocations. You do not need to update your schedule and you may switch sessions on site on the day(s) that your registration is valid. Seating is on a first come, first seated basis.