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2019 The Future by Design

2019 The Future by Design

May 8–10, 2019

Speaker Gift Donation

BCLA and the 2019 BC Library Conference Committee are pleased to continue our support of a community non-profit in lieu of speaker gifts at the conference. This year BCLA will make a donation to Fresh Voices.

Fresh Voices is active in public engagement, research, and partnership work that improves the experience of newcomer youth in B.C. Fresh Voices is a group of young immigrants and refugees who work with partners to make sure they are heard on the issues that affect them. Working with partners, Fresh Voices seeks to influence the policies and practices that affect racialized immigrant and refugee youths’ sense of belonging in British Columbia and Canada as a whole. Fresh Voices also seeks to ensure that newcomer youth have more voice and influence in planning and decision-making processes that affect their lives.

Thank you to the 2019 BC Library Conference speakers for their participation and contribution. The BC Library Association is privileged to make this donation on their behalf.

To see a list of previous BCLA Speaker Gift Donations, please visit the BCLA website.