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2019 The Future by Design

2019 The Future by Design

May 8–10, 2019

BC Library Conference Code of Conduct

The BC Library Association mounts an annual conference focusing on the exchange of ideas, information and inspiration in an environment that is purposefully inclusive, welcoming and safe. The BC Library Conference promotes discussions on a broad range of topics presented critically and in a respectful manner, including historically marginalized and currently vulnerable communities.

Harassment is not tolerated.  This includes behaviour that threatens or demeans another person or group, or results in an unsafe conference environment. Offensive verbal comments or non-verbal actions related to gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion or political beliefs are understood as harassment. Sexual or discriminatory images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, and stalking, sustained disruption of sessions, inappropriate physical contact or sexual attention are all examples of behaviour that contributes to an unsafe conference environment. Participants asked to stop harassing behaviour are expected to do so.

If you are being harassed or feel unsafe please contact a Code of Conduct Committee member as soon as you feel able to.

BC Library Conference Code of Conduct Committee

Members of this committee include the BCLA Board Executive from the previous Board term – President, incoming President, outgoing President, Treasurer and incoming Treasurer – and the Association’s Executive Director. The committee will be identified on the Conference website in advance of the Conference.  If at any time a delegate, presenter, exhibitor, volunteer or staff person feels they have been harassed they can contact a committee member directly or through the conference office, set up at every conference venue for the duration of the conference, or by speaking with a session Convener who will contact a member of the Code of Conduct Committee.  An afterhours report should be made to either the Board President or Executive Director who can be contacted through the hotel’s reception.  If a report is being made after the conference it should go to the Association’s Executive Director who will notify the BC Library Conference Code of Conduct Committee.


BC Library Conference Code of Conduct Committee, 2019

Shirley Lew, President
Chris Middlemass, Incoming President
Anne Olsen, Outgoing President
Stephanie Kripps, Treasurer
Lilian Pintos, Incoming Treasurer
Annette DeFaveri, Executive Director