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BC Library Conference 2020: Libraries, Democracy, and Action

Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals is now CLOSED. (Deadline to submit a proposal was December 2nd, 2019.) 

Libraries are uniquely able to support and maintain an inclusive and diverse society. We provide staff, space, programming, and services to help individuals, families, groups, and communities maximize their potential for development and enhance their well-being. As the author Eric Klinenberg put it in his book “Palaces for the People,” libraries provide the “setting and context for social participation” and are a cornerstone of civic life.

The 2020 BC Library Conference theme “Libraries, Democracy and Action” is meant to inspire discussions about how libraries continue to build robust social infrastructure and how libraries play a critical role in linking communities to essential thinking and action focused on areas such as reconciliation, inclusion, diversity, intellectual freedom, creative and critical thinking, and social responsibility.

Libraries build social infrastructure and capacity every day. The 2020 BC Library Conference theme provides an opportunity to share the ways libraries currently do this work, and to explore the ways we intend to broaden and deepen the contributions libraries make to society.

The BC Library Association encourages first time and early-career presenters to submit proposals for the conference program. New and diverse voices ensure that we build a vibrant and inclusive conference open to new ideas and perspectives. To help support first time and early-career presenters BCLA asked a group of experienced presenters what advice they would give a new presenter. Their feedback has been compiled in a new Conference Presentation for First-Timers page on the BCLA website.

The information on the above page will interest seasoned presenters as well as anyone looking to improve their conference presentation skills.

BCLA also invites proposals from people with deep and varied experiences in libraries, and from people whose career backgrounds, while not necessarily in libraries, intersect with library values, principles and social commitment.

BC’s libraries are in rural and urban communities and it is essential that 2020 BC Library Conference includes rural and urban viewpoints. BCLA encourages rural libraries to submit proposals so that we all benefit from hearing about the successes, challenges and creativity in all our libraries. If you are a rural library and face challenges in contributing to the BC library Conference, please contact Annette DeFaveri for additional information.

The BC Library Conference is a great opportunity to share ideas, discover new perspectives, support colleagues, and to learn from each other and from experts.  Participation makes us a stronger community. Please consider sharing your experiences, thinking and vision for libraries at the BC Library Conference!