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BC Library Conference 2020: Libraries, Democracy, and Action

Speaker Gift Donation

BCLA and the 2020 BC Library Conference Committee are pleased to continue our support of a community non-profit in lieu of speaker gifts at the conference. This year BCLA will make a donation to: For Our Kids.

As we know the climate crisis can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know what to do. The BC Library Conference has two sessions focused on the climate crisis as well as our closing keynote speaker Seth Klein, who will talk about how we can mobilize in the face of this crisis. By donating to For Our Kids (in lieu of conference speaker gifts), the BC Library Association hopes to extend our commitment to support our members address the climate crisis.

If you don’t know about For Our Kids have a look at this organization of Canadian parents and grandparents taking action to address the climate crisis for and with our kids:

From the For Our Kids website…

The greatest threat to the future for our kids and grandkids is the climate crisis. Around the world, young people are realizing that the planet they call home is in real trouble. 

Our kids are scared, and rightfully so. We can’t let them deal with this alone. They need our help in tackling the climate emergency. For Our Kids is here to help us all do that.

We’re a network of concerned Canadian parents and grandparents taking action on climate. Unsure what to do? Please consider opting in. No expertise is needed to join—just love for our kids and grandkids. 

We come together in groups and teams to work locally in our schools and in our towns, and sometimes join other teams to work provincially or nationally. We are figuring it out together

Thank you to the 2020 BC Library Conference speakers for their participation and contribution. The BC Library Association is privileged to make this donation on their behalf.

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