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BC Library Conference 2020: Libraries, Democracy, and Action

Sustainability at the BC Library Conference

BCLA is taking important steps to reduce the footprint of our annual conference. Our goal is to ensure a Conference that is innovative, inspiring and as responsible and sustainable as possible.

Here is what we are doing for our 2020 Conference:  Libraries , Democracy and Action

Name Badges for the BCLA Conference

This year, we are excited to be borrowing lanyards from the Fairware Lanyard Lending Library. Fairware has been loaning lanyards  – made from a variety of reground and melted materials  – to the social justice, environmental and impact business community since 2011. We are honoured to be participating in this example of ‘sharing economy’.

After our conference, the lanyards will be sent back to Fairware where they are washed and prepared for the next event. Please be sure to return yours at the end of the conference! There will be clearly-labelled containers at the Registration Desk to collect the lanyards.

Transportation to the BCLA Conference

The Sheraton Vancouver Airport hotel is easily accessible by transit! The Canada Line’s Richmond-Brighouse Station is just a few minutes walk away. It is located in the 6000 block of No. 3 Road, between Saba and Cook Roads, across the street from Richmond Center Mall .

If you are riding your bike to the Conference, there are bike racks located at the front entrance of the hotel.

We encourage anyone coming by car to carpool. Please feel free to use the main BCLA list (bcla-list) to offer and/or request carpool arrangements. For instructions on how to subscribe and use the list, please click here.

Food & Beverages at the BCLA Conference

 This year, as we strive to reduce our footprint, we will be featuring a new vegetarian menu for all meals and breaks.

Coffee, tea and water will be served in china and glassware, eliminating the need for single-use cups. Sugar cubes will replace single-packet sugar and spoons will replace single-use stir sticks. Water will be available in large carafes instead of small jugs, reducing both water waste, and the amount of energy required for ice production.

Print Program for the 2020 BCLA Conference

In order to reduce the amount of paper used, we will only be producing a digital version of the program. One week before the conference, registered delegates will receive a link to the digital program and an invitation to print only the pages required to enjoy your conference experience.

Trade Show

Our Trade Show Exhibitors have been invited to tell us more about the ways their companies working towards greater sustainability. Stay-tuned on Twitter as we share this information with you!


To minimize waste, we have undated signage, making it possible for us to reuse each year. For any new signage needed, we print on material which is made of 100% FSC certified paper and is 100% recyclable.

If you have any suggestions for additional ways we can reduce the environmental impact of our Conference, we would love to hear from you. Send your ideas to