British Columbia Library Association

Overview of Planned BCLA Anti-Racism Work 2022-2023

The BC Libraries Association (BCLA) has partnered with The Commons Consulting to begin the ongoing work of BCLA’s long-term goal of becoming an anti-racist organization. In 2021 the BCLA board committed multi-year funding to anti-racism work, and after an open call for proposals The Commons was selected as the consultants to support BCLA for the first year, which started in the Spring of 2022. This initial current state assessment phase (Phase 1) will run until the Spring of 2023.

The objective of this initial phase includes designing and facilitating a current state assessment of the BCLA’s anti-racist and justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) efforts and proposing recommendations on building more just, equitable and inclusive organizational processes and practices. Deliberate consideration will also be given to how existing BCLA initiatives, that hold mandates connected to anti-racism and JEDI, can be built upon and supported.



Picture of 8 light blue circles with dates and light blue square bubbles underneath with descriptions of project activities joined by a curved line to indicate progression. The dates and accompanying activities are: ● March 2022: Project Kick Off ● June 2022: PAG call out ● September 2022 - 2023: Meetings with PAG ● December 2022, 2022: Survey Launch (exact date TBD) ● January, 2023: Survey Closes (exact date TBD) ● Feb - March 2023: Consultations with Key Participants ● April 2023: “What We Heard” Sessions - update members & share themes ● Summer 2023: Final Report completed & Planning for next steps begins



Please email The Commons Consulting at or Rina Hadziev, BCLA Executive Director at  if you have any questions, input or feedback on the initiative.