British Columbia Library Association

Survey Data Collection for EDI Strategies in Recruitment Toolkit Project

Participants in this research will be:  A) people who self-identify as IBPOC who have applied for jobs in libraries, and B) supervisors, managers or hiring personnel in libraries.

We will be collecting survey data using SurveyMonkey/Momentive. Participants will respond to multiple choice questions and open-ended questions. Participants will be asked to provide contact information if they choose to partake in a future interview. This information will be disassociated with any survey responses after the data is exported for insight analysis.

The survey data from SurveyMonkey/Momentive will be exported to MS Excel Spreadsheet and CSV format. Aggregated data and charts can be exported as MS Word or PDF format.

Information on data retention on SurveyMonkey/Momentive can be found here. Survey data will be deleted 60 days after the surveys close.

Exported and working data files will be organized and stored on the researcher’s personal computer which is password protected. Data files will be erased one year after the project toolkit is published and shared via BCLA.