British Columbia Library Association

Board Nominations & Elections

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The BCLA By-Laws items 6.1(a) through 6.1(d) outline the procedure for the BCLA Nominations Committee to prepare a suggested slate of Directors for consideration by the Association’s membership.

Nominations Committee Members 2019

Anne Olsen, Chair (Past BCLA President)
Shirley Lew, ex officio (BCLA President)
Annette DeFaveri, ex officio (Executive Director)

In accordance with the BCLA By-Laws, the Nominations Committee has prepared a slate of candidates for soon-to-be vacant Board positions. A strong Board of Directors, committed to the goals of the Association’s Strategic Plan, is essential for the growth and stability of the Association. In considering potential candidates, the Committee looked closely at Board work for the coming year as well as at people’s previous engagement with and contributions to the Association. We looked specifically for potential Board members who are excited to contribute to the Association and who prioritize both the BCLA’s Strategic Plan and core values.


Incoming President/President/Past President (3 year term)


Two Director-at-Large positions (each a two year term)


Incoming Treasurer/Treasurer (two Year Term)


In accordance with BCLA’s By-Laws, this update is an opportunity to call for additional nominations for the BCLA Board.

A nominee must be a member of BCLA and be nominated by three other members of the Association. Should there be additional candidates, BCLA will quickly mount an election.

If you are interested in BCLA Board Positions, the Nominations Committee suggests that you contact BCLA Executive Director, Annette DeFaveri (, for additional information.