British Columbia Library Association

BCLA Accessible Presentations Guidelines

BCLA is committed to creating inclusive spaces and experiences. As part of that commitment, we are working to make presentations at BCLA events more accessible. This may require some additional time from presenters to learn accessible presentation skills, but we know our community and partners agree with us on the value and importance of everyone to be able to participate.

Below are some basic information and resource links. If you have other resources you’d like to recommend, please email us at, as we are learning, too.

Make your materials accessible

Step-by-step instructions for making your PowerPoint accessible

Step-by-step instructions for making your Word docs accessible

Submit your materials in advance in accessible formats

Create accessible content

Presenter Toolkit by Rebecca Shortt

Present with accessibility in mind

Additional Resources

Presenter Toolkit by Rebecca Shortt (includes webinar presentation on making accessible PowerPoints, for those who prefer video)

How to Make Your Presentations Accessible to All from the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

Virtual Presentation Accessibility Guidelines from the American Anthropological Association (includes good alternate step-by-step instructions on creating accessible PowerPoints, Word documents, and PDFs).

Curated Accessibility Resources page from Accessible Libraries