British Columbia Library Association

Coming up with a Proposal

  1. What sessions do you wish you could attend, but never see offered?
  2. Has anyone told you they wished they knew more about a project you’ve been involved with? How can other library staff take what you’ve learned and apply it to their communities?
  3. Why is this important to you? What are you deeply interested in? You don’t have to have all the answers. Some of the best presentations are conversation starters around tougher topics.
  4. Can you identify your own privileges and blind spots? (Or better yet, ask someone else to help you recognize these.) Then acknowledge them and think about how you might invite in other voices (Can they do the presentation with you? Record a video? Can you find a way to make their voice heard?)
  5. What is the simplest, most plain-language way you can possibly describe this session?
  6. Can you make your title both catchy and clear?