British Columbia Library Association

Pre-Register for the first fully virtual BCLA Annual General Meeting!

The 2020 AGM is scheduled for Wednesday, June 24th. The waiting room opens at 5:30pm and the meeting begins at 6pm.

The virtual/Zoom AGM requires preregistration. When you pre-register, your membership is confirmed, and you will be sent a link to attend the AGM.


Registration for the BCLA AGM is open until June 18th.

You must be a BCLA member and be pre-registered by June 18th to attend the AGM.

If you are not sure of your membership status, please check online by signing in to your account, or email

The Agenda and supporting documents for the AGM can be found here

The traditional procedure for voting by proxy (assigning a BCLA member to attend the in-person meeting and vote on one’s behalf) is not applicable to an online meeting. The format and technology for a virtual meeting do not support proxy voting in the traditional manner. To accommodate proxy voting we have created a form that lets a member vote on all the motions prior to the AGM.  The proxy form, with the votes, is assigned to a BCLA Board Member who acts as the proxy, following the instructions on the completed proxy form.  The proxy form, with all the motions, can be found here

Proxy forms must be completed and received by June 18th to be counted at the AGM.

If you have questions please contact the BCLA Executive Director Annette DeFaveri at

We look forward to seeing you at the BCLA Annual Genereal Meeting

Annette DeFaveri
Executrive Director
BC Library Association