British Columbia Library Association

BCLA announces 2018 award winners

Each year, the British Columbia Library Association invites the library community, partners, and stakeholders to nominate individuals and organizations for awards recognizing outstanding work in libraries throughout BC. In an ongoing effort to fully articulate how the work of libraries reflects the values of our communities and of the library sector, the BCLA Board re-imagined the Association’s awards in 2017. The winners of the 2018 BCLA awards were announced at the 2018 BC Library Conference on May 1tth.

BCLA Eureka Award | Tim Atkinson

The BCLA Eureka Award recognizes individuals or organizations that have created an innovative approach to address a barrier, solve a problem, provide a powerful new insight, or introduce an original idea in the library world. The 2018 Eureka Award was presented to Tim Atkinson. In just a few of the words of one of his four nominators:

Tim Atkinson retired in December 2016 but his ideas, vision, and innovative leadership continue to live on with many in our community. Throughout his prolific and varied career as an educator, library administrator, instructor, mentor, and colleague, Tim has been consistently inspiring in his ability to imagine and advance solutions to persistent problems, and in exemplifying how to think and work creatively, guided by the values but not unduly inhibited by the traditions of libraries. In addition to more formal, tangible achievements, he achieved a tremendous amount by reaching out to mentor and encourages others, investing time and care to connect and create informal communities of doers and thinkers. Scrupulous in giving credit, creative in looking for opportunities to put others forward, Tim has left a lasting legacy in libraries for his vision, and for his approach. The communities and relationships he established, nurtured and facilitated carry on the conversations and work he started, stronger and more confident thanks to his contributions.

Tim’s contributions to the library sector transcend the expected and achieve excellence.

BCLA Building Better Communities Award | Susan Pierce

The BCLA Building Better Communities Award was developed to recognize an individual or organization responsible for increasing the relevancy and impact of library service through partnership, collaboration, and building trust where little has previously existed. The 2018 Building Better Communities Award was presented to Susan Pierce. Susan’s nominator included many examples of Susan’s work and commitment including the following:

Susan Pierce is a librarian employed by Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL). Her district includes Parksville, Sointula, Woss, Port Hardy, Port Alice and Port McNeill. She is responsible for programming and outreach for all ages in her community. She has increased the relevancy and impact of library services in her community through community led librarianship that includes partnerships and collaborations with a broad array of community organizations in her district. Her work with Building Learning Together (BLT) an early year’s coalition in Parksville affiliated with School District 69 is one example. Collaboration between Susan and the head of this organization Judi Malcolm was formed to create a survey and Community Conversation Café event that hosted a cross section of organizations in Parksville to contribute to a community planning session and the development of an early year’s strategy for the community. This work was informed by issues uncovered in the EDI concerning the socio-emotional development of children in the community. Both Judi and Susan attended conferences to learn about methods to support socio-emotional development in children and anxiety related issues in children. A collaborative round table of organizations in Parksville determined that anxiety and socio-emotional development in children in the Parksville area needed to be addressed. Judi and Susan spearheaded a committee to address these concerns and Susan created the survey and they formed a Community Conversation Café event in order to obtain data and determine a direction for the community.

The depth and breadth of Susan’s work is outstanding.

Our congratulations to the 2018 BCLA Awards winners!