British Columbia Library Association

BCLA Coaching pilot project coming in the Spring

Dear BCLA Members and list subscribers,

There is some good news on the horizon. In the spring of 2021 BCLA will launch a pilot project that provides access to, and subsidizes, professional coaching services for members.

It has been a difficult year that will have long lasting effects on how we work, how we engage with colleagues and communities, how we reflect on past goals and objectives, and how we plan for the future. If there was ever a time for focused professional support, it will be in the months and years ahead.

In December 2020 the BCLA Board of Directors voted to allocate reserve funding to support members through the development of a subsidized professional coaching service. BCLA staff, with assistance and guidance from three professional coaches, have developed a coaching pilot program that aims to support members to navigate and grow through these “interesting” times.

Professional coaching, provided through this pilot program, aims to boost an individual’s confidence, improve relationships, increase self-awareness, as well as assist with conflict resolution and effect meaningful change. Coaching, in this project, is meant to provide opportunities for individual reflection and active experimentation, resulting in personal and professional growth.

The BCLA coaching pilot project will subsidize fifty percent of the cost of a coaching session for up to ten sessions per client. Three professional coaches are working with BCLA to realize this program and build capacity among BCLA members. As a pilot program the amount of subsidy, the number of coaching hours, and the availability of coaches will be limited, but the overall hope is that we learn about the needs and wants of members, so we have the evidence we need to build a more robust coaching program, perhaps with other library partners, in the future.

We will provide further details on the BCLA list closer to our launch this spring.

If you have any questions, after the formal launch of the program with all the details, please email me,

Best regards,