British Columbia Library Association

BCLA Special General Meeting, September 26th

The BCLA Board of Directors would like to invite BCLA members to a Special General Meeting to discuss and vote on the resolution to adopt new Bylaws, as mandated by the new BC Societies Act.

The Special General Meeting is on Wednesday September 26th, Room 240 at Vancouver Community College, 250 West Pender Street. Sign-in begins at 5:30pm and the meeting begins at 6pm. 

BCLA has been working on updating the bylaws in compliance with the new Act and to reflect current best practices for the past 18 months. This has been a large task, involving many past and present board members and led by BCLA staff. We also engaged the services of law firm Norton Rose Fulbright, who have expertise in this area, to guide the process.  

The draft bylaws have been through multiple readings by the BCLA Board Executive and Norton Rose Fulbright. The bylaws meet the requirements of the new Societies Act and articulate the necessary elements of the Act. Some additional changes that reflect best practises include:

  • Increasing the number of members needed for Quorum from 3 to 20. Best practise for an organization the size of BCLA suggests that 3 is so small that it negates the purpose of having quorum.
  • Removing the proxy form from the bylaws and moving it to the website. Forms should not be part of the bylaws as they need to be updated regularly. Including them in the Bylaws means that a resolution is needed to change any part of the form.
  • Removing student representatives on the board from the bylaws and moving it to a board policy. Student representatives are non-voting members and join the board by invitation.  
  • Board members may serve a maximum of 7 consecutive years on the Board. Previously no limit was defined.  

The full bylaws can be found here:

For the resolution to adopt the bylaws, please click here:

The Proxy Form can be found here:

The BCLA Board looks forward to seeing you on the 26th!

**If you are unable to attend and wish to send a member to the September 26th Special General Meeting to represent you, a completed Proxy Form is needed. Both the person requesting representation and the person attending in their stead must be current BCLA members on the day of the meeting. The Proxy Form can be found HERE.