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Call for BCLA Awards

The BC Library Association invites the library community, partners and stakeholders to submit nominations for the BCLA Awards.

The form to submit a nomination is here:

The deadline for submissions extended until Monday, March 18, 2019.

Awards will be announced at the BC Library Conference Awards Lunch, Friday May 10th, 2019.


BCLA Eureka Award
This award is given to an individual or organization that has created an innovative approach to address a barrier, solve a problem, provide a powerful new insight, or introduce an original idea in the library field.

This is an award for thinkers, analysers, innovators, dreamers and doers. An individual winner may have completely solved a problem or fully developed a new idea, or may have been a significant contributor to a larger team project. The winner may be an organization responsible for a considerable contribution to the library community, a contribution that helps the library community as a whole and strengthens the “idea” of library in our society. Or the recipient may not be from the library community, but has made a notable contribution to the relevance of libraries.

The BCLA Eureka Award grows out of BCLA’s commitment to analyzing, supporting and participating in the ongoing evolution of libraries and library services. It is linked to BCLA’s stated core value to support and encourage creativity and innovation.


BCLA Champion of Intellectual Freedom Award

This award is given to an individual or organization that demonstrates significant advancement of intellectual freedom in the public realm for the benefit of British Columbians.

This is an award for librarians and library staff that champion intellectual freedom issues in their libraries, their communities, their province or their country. The winner could also be a journalist, or media outlet, an organization dedicated to free speech and challenging expected norms, a lawyer, policy maker, or community leader.

The BCLA Champion of Intellectual Freedom Award grows out of the Association’s commitment to uphold the principles and tenets of intellectual freedom including the right to seek, receive, hold and disseminate information from all points of view—a foundation of a democratic society.


BCLA Building Better Communities Award

This award is for an individual or organization responsible for increasing the relevancy and impact of library service through partnership, collaboration, and building trust where little had previously existed. The winner may be engaged in service delivery, professional development, marketing, or community-led library work.  Achievements may originate with a library or an individual, or with a community partner.

The BCLA Building Better Communities Award evolves from the Association’s commitment to open access and inclusion. BCLA advocates for libraries and library services for all British Columbians. This includes barrier-free facilities, open and equitable access to library services, and environments free of racism, religious intolerance, and violence. BCLA believes that people, communities and organizations need universal access to information, ideas, and works of the imagination for their social, cultural, educational, democratic and economic well-being.

These new awards (established in 2017) are an exciting change and addition to BCLA’s work for members. The BCLA Board hopes you will enjoy considering recipients and submitting nominations. If you have questions please contact BCLA Executive Director Annette DeFaveri at


BCLA Awards Committee

Anne Olsen, Chair (Past President)

Wendy Wright

Allison Sullivan

Shirley Lew (President) ex officio

Annette DeFaveri (Executive Director) ex officio