British Columbia Library Association

Call for BCLA Resolutions

The BCLA Resolutions Committee accepts proposals, formulated as resolutions, from individual BCLA members or groups of members, that are intended to direct BCLA to take action or make comments on issues, governance, or advocacy.

Resolutions are an important, formal mechanism through which BCLA members can make their interests heard and known. When a broad range of interests are shared, it fosters dialogue, promotes awareness, and ultimately enables the BCLA membership to speak with a united voice on issues affecting the membership.

The format and responsibilities of the BCLA Resolutions Committee were established on June 15, 2007. Under the Association’s old Bylaws, the Committee is chaired by the Past President of the Association. We are continuing this practice until the BCLA Board established new roles and responsibilities for Directors.

The Resolutions Process

The Resolutions Committee receives and reviews the Resolutions and, if necessary, advises the creators of the Resolution on how to bring the resolution in to compliance with BCLA policies and scope. If more than one Resolution is received on the same topic, the committee will confer with all parties and recommend a joint resolution.

For more information about BCLA Resolutions:

Use the online form to submit Resolutions:

Resolutions should be received by February 27th, 2020 

Resolutions will be submitted to the Membership at the 2020 AGM on Wednesday April 15th, 2020.

AGM begins at 4:00, sign-in for the meeting begins at 3:30pm.

Location: Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, 7551 Westminster Hwy. Richmond BC.


BCLA Resolutions Committee

Shirley Lew (Chair)
Chris Middlemass
Todd Mundle
Anne O’Shea
Annette DeFaveri (ex officio)

For more information or if you have questions please contact BCLA’s Executive Director, Annette DeFaveri at and put “Resolutions” in the email subject line.