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Call for submissions: Collaboration issue of BCLA Perspectives

The March issue of BCLA Perspectives focuses on how we are collaborating: within our own organizations, with other libraries and cultural heritage institutions, and with other public and private organizations.

Are you collaborating across dividing lines (departments? degrees?) within your own institution? Have you teamed up with others members of the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) community since the MOU was signed in 2017? What challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them (or not)? What lessons can be shared with other organizations?

We want to know what’s happening—and what’s not, but should be. Where are the opportunities for new collaborations and what do you hope for the future? Tell us about your longstanding community partnerships, emerging alliances, internal programs, and one-off exhibitions.

We invite you to share our request for articles with your colleagues. News, opinion, student papers, and other story types are accepted. Submissions may be long-form or as short as 150 words. Email pitches and questions to Pitches due: February 1. Submissions due: February 15.

Happy New Year!

-The editors

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Nolan Kelly, Kristina McGuirk, Tammie Mercado

Editors, BCLA Perspectives

The theme of BCLA Perspectives’ March 2019 issue is Collaboration. It will address how we are collaborating within our own organizations, throughout the GLAM community, and with other public and private organizations and groups. Pitches due: Feb. 1; Submissions due: Feb. 15. Questions?