British Columbia Library Association

Free shipping on BCLA notebooks through September!

5New Years is typically touted as the time to make new resolutions and pursue fresh starts. But as summer shifts into September, why not resolve to get a head start on your fresh start by buying a notebook from the BC Library Association? The Moleskin-style notebooks—which are light grey in colour and complete with a ribbon for bookmarking and an elastic band for safekeeping—are a sleek and stylish option for anyone needing to put pen to paper.

Whether you require a reliable medium to jot down to-do lists, are keen on keeping a diary, or simply need to take notes, the BCLA notebooks contain copious pages of lined paper for your many writing needs. Created to commemorate 25 years of the BC Summer Reading Club, the books are also interspersed with prints of colourful art works created by various BC artists for the provincial summer reading program.

Notebooks are $20 each, plus PST. While there is normally a $5 charge for shipping and handling, BCLA will waive shipping and handling costs for all orders submitted before September 30. To take advantage of this discount, simply enter ‘0’ in the order field labeled “Packaging and shipping per book” (regardless of how many notebooks you order). Ordering in bulk? Buy a box of 16 notebooks for the price of 15.

You can order online or by calling the BCLA office at 604-683-5354 (between 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday-Thursday).