British Columbia Library Association

Call for submissions – BCLA Perspectives: The Rural Issue

In keeping with BCLA’s mission to advance libraries throughout British Columbia, the theme of BCLA Perspectives December 2017 issue is rural libraries. The special issue is a platform for people working in or with rural libraries to highlight issues affecting libraries in their regions as well as to share stories about the work being done outside of larger urban library systems. This is an opportunity for rural libraries to showcase what makes them unique as well as to reflect on similarities with their urban counterparts.

Rural library workers are also invited to participate in a special feature for the issue: What do you think makes the rural library landscape unique? Whether it be a serious subject or something lighthearted, click here to complete the sentence “You know you work in a rural library when…” Submissions will be compiled and featured in the upcoming issue.

Thank you,

Cassie McFadden, Nolan Kelly, Tim McMillan

BCLA Perspectives Editors