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Curious about the BCLA Coaching Program?

Are you curious about the BCLA Coaching Program? Wondering what you would actually talk to a coach about?

Our coaches have put together a list of the types of things they can work with clients on including the following:

For more information on the program and how to get started, please go to

BCLA is committed to supporting members by providing innovative and relevant opportunities for development and growth. The pandemic that began in 2020 will have lasting effects on how we work, engage with colleagues and communities, reflect on past goals and objectives, and plan for the future. Recognizing this, the BCLA Board of Directors allocated reserve funding to pilot a subsidized professional coaching service in 2021, to provide support for BCLA members during this time of change.

This pilot program will allow you to experience the benefits of professional coaching, subsidized by BCLA.

How it Works:

Coaching is being done by three professional coaches, who are working with BCLA to create this program and build capacity among BCLA members: Patricia Chong, Andrea Freeman, and Cara Pryor. This program would not be possible without the commitment of these coaches and the vision of Annette DeFaveri, previous BCLA Director, and the BCLA Board.

BCLA’s hope is that that this pilot will provide the evidence we need to build a more robust coaching program, perhaps with other library partners, in the future.

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