Information Policy Committee

Information Policy Committee

Welcome to the Information Policy Committee (IPC)!

The Information Policy Committee was established to advance the interests of citizens and library users in gaining and maintaining affordable and equitable access to information, and to ensure that the public interest is safeguarded in public and private sector decisions relating to information policy.


What We Do

  • Monitor developments in information policy and advise BCLA and the wider library community on appropriate policies and actions
  • Develop public education and advocacy campaigns around information policy issues, including the creation of supporting materials (press releases, letters, position papers, etc.)
  • Establish liaisons and coalitions with other organizations to further BCLA goals in ensuring the public good is paramount in information policy development.
  • Organize educational and social events for members and the general public



Membership is open to any member of BCLA with an interest in information policy. Our areas of concern range widely – the following list is not exhaustive, but gives an idea of what we look at:

  • privacy and protection of privacy
  • access to information
  • internet neutrality
  • free and open source software and standards
  • intellectual property and digital rights management
  • encryption and internet security
  • government surveillance and lawful access
  • advertising, web analytics, and corporate use of customer information
  • open access to scholarly communications
  • media democracy



Chair: Allison Trumble

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