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BCLA is pleased to offer access to Perkopolis for our members. Canadian-owned and operated, Perkopolis is a free program that provides exclusive discounts on entertainment, travel and shopping, gift card rewards, enhanced insurance benefits and other value-added perks for BCLA individual members who opt-in.


A few examples of participating companies include:  Altitude Sports, Apple, Dell, Dyson, Hunter, Hush Puppies, Lenovo, Matt & Nat, Sea to Sky Gondola, TELUS Home,  Vitamix, WestJet, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

Perkopolis confirms you are eligible for access by matching your email address with the list of email addresses BCLA provides monthly of individual members in good standing who choose to opt-in. Perkopolis only has access to your email address – no other information is shared.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How can I opt-in? You can opt-in at any time by filling out this online form or you can opt-in on the online registration form when you join BCLA or renew your membership. NOTE: If your membership is set to auto-renew, please be sure to use the opt-in form.
  2. How will I know when I have access? Please visit www.perkopolis.com If you are able to register, you have access!  Please see question #3 for information about timelines.
  3. If I have opted-in to participate in Perkopolis, am I registered? Registration for Perkopolis is separate from the BCLA opt-in form. Registrations are processed monthly, so if you opted in to participate in Perkopolis this month, you will have access to your perks at the beginning of the next month. At that time, please visit their website or download the iphone or android app to register with the email you used for the opt-in form (i.e. the email associated with your BCLA membership).
  4. What if I need to change the email associated with Perkopolis? Please email the BCLA Manager. Your new information will be included in the monthly update to Perkopolis.
  5. How can I opt-out? You will only be included in the program if you choose to opt-in. If you change your mind after opting-in, you can email the BCLA Manager and we will remove you from the Perkopolis list.
  6. Can I use Perkopolis with my library’s institutional membership? No, Perkopolis is only available to individual BCLA members at this time.
  7. How long does my Perkopolis membership last? Your Perkopolis access is continuous for as long as your BCLA membership is active. Any interruption to your BCLA membership will result in an interruption to your Perkopolis access.
  8. What’s gone wrong – Perkopolis won’t let me log in? If Perkopolis was working for you and now it isn’t, your BCLA annual membership has probably expired. Log into your BCLA account and check your profile, or contact the BCLA Manager to confirm your membership status.