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The BCLA Mentorship Program is now accepting applications for the Fall 2020 session!

This mentoring session will run from October 26 until December 11, 2020.

The BCLA Mentorship Program exists to connect and empower association members by fostering positive relationships in the library community. The program encourages sharing, and aims to promote leadership and commitment to the profession. While networking is encouraged, please be aware that the Mentorship Program does not exist to facilitate job placements or internships. Mentors are not volunteering their time to act as a career counsellor.

Participation in the Mentorship Program is an opportunity for mentors to share their experiences, offer encouragement and feedback, and practice their coaching/leadership skills. In order to create the most successful mentor/mentee pairings possible, we ask that mentors have at least 3 years of experience in the LIS field.

For mentees, the Mentorship Program in an opportunity to learn from a more experienced colleague, gain new perspectives on the profession, and to access to feedback and suggestions from experienced professionals. Mentees may be students, new or returning to the field, or may have changed to a different role with new responsibilities. No previous library work experience is necessary for mentees.

We welcome all kinds of mentors and mentees to the program, from library directors to library assistants, from those who are just starting their career to those who have years of experience! To apply to the program, please fill out the appropriate application form:

Mentor Application form

Mentee Application form

Applications will remain open until October 14, 2020.

For more information please visit the BCLA Mentorship Program website

Welcome Ashley Edwards, the new Mentorship co-Chair

We just wanted to announce that Ashley Edwards has joined the Mentorship Committee as co-Chair, in preparation for the Spring 2018 mentoring session (announcement on that coming soon!). Stephen will continue to work with us as a member of the Committee.

In her own words:

Ashley graduate with her library technician diploma in 2009, and a BA in Adult Education in 2015, both from UFV. She is currently a MLIS candidate in the University of Alberta’s online program. Ashley is a library assistant within the Learning & Instructional Services division at SFU Burnaby, helping students with their research needs both in person and via AskAway in addition to facilitating information literacy workshops for undergraduates. Ashley has been involved with BCLA since 2011, primarily with LTAS and was Chair 2014-2016. She has participated in the Mentorship Program multiple times as a mentor, and is looking forward to continuing her involvement by  joining the Committee.

Growing up Ashley was a reluctant reader who morphed into a bookworm. This has lead to a love of learning, and passion for teaching others. Her favourite way to relax is pretty much the library stereotype: with a cup of tea, book, and her cats curled up next to her.

Kind regards,
Adrian Mitescu
BCLA Mentorship Committee co-Chair


BCLA Mentorship Committee: Call for Participation

Since its inception in 2012, the BCLA Mentorship Program has run biannual sessions facilitating mentorship among the BC library community. Over the past 3 years, the Mentorship Committee has involved a core group of three people who developed and implemented the program, supported by a small group of other committee members. The three of us have very much enjoyed our involvement in this program, but we realize that this is not a sustainable model. Moving forward, we will be implementing a more formalized structure and roles that would allow for more active, wider involvement in the operation of the program and redistribute work in smaller, more manageable task groups.

We would like to invite participation in the committee from throughout the library community in BC. We are seeking a new Chair (to learn the role in this session and begin Fall 2015, no experience necessary) as well as committee members to fill a number of roles. Attached is a document which lays out the revised committee structure. I do want to highlight that none of these roles, including the Chair, is a big time commitment. We have laid out the roles in such a way that tasks are broken up into smaller pieces. We are all busy people, so we have intentionally structured this in order to break up the work to make it easy for everyone to participate. We have also included what would be the most active time period within each role for the upcoming mentorship session (to run May and June). Being involved in the program has certainly been rewarding for me, and myself and my fellow committee members would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the program or potential participation.

If you’re not familiar with the Mentorship Program, you can find more details here:

We invite you to have a look at the attached committee structure, and reply to us at by Monday, February 23 if interested.

With a new structure in place, the upcoming session will likely be a process of learning new roles. For this reason, we feel that a two year time commitment would be ideal for these roles, to allow for time to learn the role and to mentor in the next person. However, we don’t want the length of commitment to be a major barrier to participation, so if you aren’t able to be involved for that length of time but are still able to participate, please let us know.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Amy, for BCLA Mentorship