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How to Get the Most out of BCLA’s New Website
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How to Get the Most out of BCLA’s New Website
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How to Get the Most out of BCLA’s New Website
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How to Get the Most out of BCLA’s New Website
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BCLA's Vision

The British Columbia Library Association leads the library community in advocacy, professional development, and support of intellectual freedom. We ensure that all British Columbians have equitable access to information, ideas, and works of the imagination.

News & Updates

BC BookBlast! May 15th at 3pm

BC BookBlast! May 15th at 3pm

On Wednesday, May 15th at 3pm-4pm via Zoom, BC Publishers will be presenting their latest, hottest books focusing on "Community: building, living, and connecting in BC" in our BC BookBlast! series. The titles will be intended for adult readers, as we're planning a...

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BC Library Jobs

To see a complete listing of library jobs across Canada, please visit the Partnership Job Board.

BCLA Infographic:<br />
How it Started<br />
Formed in 1911<br />
Governance Board since 1948<br />
Not-for-profit registered charity</p>
<p>Memberships in 2023<br />
586 Individual Members<br />
58 Institutional Members<br />
17 Supporting Members</p>
<p>BC Summer Reading Club in 2023<br />
started in 1990<br />
Now 71 library systems<br />
in 200 communities<br />
92,096 registered children and their families</p>
<p>BC Library Conference in 2023<br />
Our first in-person conference in 4 years!<br />
582 Attendees<br />
47 Exhibitors at the Trade Show<br />
3 Keynotes<br />
37 Sessions</p>
<p>Member/Library Sector Engagement<br />
18 Forums<br />
6 Interest Groups<br />
4 Committees<br />
3 Sections</p>
<p>Partnership Job Board in 2023<br />
Added compensation requirement for all postings in March 2022<br />
JOB BOARD Jobs posted 1,035<br />
Visits 507,109<br />
Page Views 1,520,883<br />