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Call to collaborate: Perspectives is looking for an editor!

By BCLA Perspectives Editors

Do you have a background in journalism? Experience editing the writings of others? Have you written content for your organization’s newsletter or website? Worked in scholarly communications and publishing?

 We’re looking for someone to join the editorial team of BCLA Perspectives! This three-person group works together to share responsibilities for:

We are a casual, flexible team that understands this work comes off the side of the desk, but we are passionate about supporting the great things being done by our colleagues. It’s an easy opportunity to make connections, develop and hone editorial skills, and learn more about the people and activities in BC libraries (and beyond!).

The details:

The outgoing editor is a Langara student; we strongly encourage library technicians to apply.

Interested parties should fill out the form below, or send an email with this information to We look forward to hearing from you!

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