BCLA Listservs

The BCLA’s e-mail list servs are one way to keep current on library-related news and issues. The BCLA list servs are powered through an open source mailing list manager called Sympa. There are two methods available to subscribe to list servs: manually or via online form. Please see instructions for each below, where you will also find instructions on using Sympa to access list serv archives and manage subscriptions.  A general explanation of list servs can be found here.

In November 2021, BCLA transitioned to a new listserv domain. 
Your listserv subscription and settings were automatically updated to the new domain. This means you still have access to the archives, and the transition does not require any action from you.
The new email configuration for sending messages is [email protected] – please update your address books.

Using BCLA Lists — Research (approved September 24th 2018)


To automatically subscribe to (or unsubscribe to) a list, use the online form here. This will prompt you for your name and email address, and will also allow you to select one or multiple lists for subscription.


To manually subscribe to one of BCLA’s mailing lists, send a message to [email protected]. Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the message, type ‘subscribe’ followed by the name of the list (full list available below). For example, to subscribe to the bcla-list, you would type:

    subscribe bcla-list

To unsubscribe, follow the same procedure, substituting ‘unsubscribe’ for ‘subscribe’. You can include multiple subscribe or unsubscribe commands in a single e-mail – as long as you put each one on a line by itself.



The BCLA list servs are powered through an open source mailing list manager called Sympa. It is through this website that list serv users are able to access archived list serv messages as well as manage subscriptions to individual lists. Even if you are already subscribed to a list, you must set up a separate Sympa account in order to access the archives and other features available on the interface.

  • Visit Mailing lists service – home (bclaconnect.ca)
  • Click ‘Login’ then ‘First login’
  • You will be prompted to provide your email address and asked to click a button requesting an initial password.
  • An email will be sent to you with a link to establish a new password.
  • Upon completing the previous step, you will have access to the Sympa interface and can now manage list subscriptions and view archives.
    • Manage subscriptions:  Click ‘manage your subscriptions’ on the left-hand side menu of the Sympa website for bulk actions; or, click the name of an individual list for actions specific to that list.
    • View archives: Select a list serv from your subscription list (on the left-hand menu on the Sympa website). This will take you to a subscriber page for that list, which includes on the left-hand menu an ‘Archive’ link, allowing you to view past messages sent over that list.

If you are having issues accessing or posting to the list servs, please email [email protected] detailing the issue.