British Columbia Library Association

Infrastructure and Technology

At a Steering Committee meeting in July 2016, the hub and spoke model was put forward as a best practice for the BC PDL project.

The Admin team continues their exploration of ‘hub and spoke’ infrastructure models. While initially the DPLA (Digital Public Library of America – ( platform was the main focus identified through research and stakeholder consultations, Supplejack, the platform that supports DigitalNZ (, is now being considered as the primary candidate.

Supplejack has a strong developer community and consequently the BC PDL platform exploration has benefited from regular communication between SuppleJack developers and BC PDL Admin team members.

The BC PDL Admin team works closely with OurDigitalWorld (ODW) – the service provider for OurOntario. Both initiatives are looking for community-based platforms for similar types of collections and aim to strengthen and advance their initiatives by working together.

Learn more about Supplejack: