Call for Nominations: Incoming President (formerly Vice Chair)

We are currently accepting nominations for the role of YAACS Incoming President.

The Incoming President works with the President and the Past President to keep YAACS running smoothly and organize events such as our annual Youth Services Institute. The Incoming President also fills in for the President in the President’s absence at meetings and events. The 2022/2023 Incoming President will become the President in the second year of their term (2023/2024), then move into the role of Past President in the final year of their term (2024/2025).

As per the YAACS Terms of Reference, the formal call for nominations for this position is being put out on the YAACS mailing list, YAACS website, and social media platforms one month before the election and will remain open for at least one week. If more than one person is nominated, the Incoming President will be elected by secret ballot at the YAACS meeting on Tuesday, September 13 at 7:30pm.

Please note: Anyone holding a YAACS position, including the Incoming President role, must have an active BCLA membership. Find out more about becoming a BCLA member here.

Are you interested in this role? Please email [email protected] to submit a nomination. We hope to hear from you!

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