Libraries Across Borders Interest Group

Libraries Across Borders

This group is currently inactive. If you are interested in revitalizing the Libraries Across Borders Interest group by stepping into the Chair’s role, please contact Angie Ayupova at [email protected].

Welcome to the Libraries Across Borders Interest Group (LAB)!

Our Mandate

Libraries Across Borders envisions a world in which library services exist in all communities. It is a fundamental belief that literacy and access to books and information changes lives, communities, and societies. We are committed to informing the library community about international library issues  and to building networks and connections between members and our colleagues around the world. Interested in volunteering? Please contact us at the email listed below.

Who We Are

Convenor – Vacant

  • Acts as chair and treasurer
  • Responsible for meetings, listserv and membership reports

Vice-chair – Vacant

  • Division of responsibilities with other co-chair
  • Content development and community liason

Communications Chair -Vacant

  • Acts as secretary, membership coordinator, and marketing director

Programming and Events Chair -Vacant

  • Acts as program and event developer/director

Join the Conversation

Check out what everyone is discussing over on the forum Libraries Across Boarders Intrerest Group here. Must be a member of BCLA or a forum member to view & discuss.