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The British Columbia Library Association leads the library community in advocacy, professional development, and support of intellectual freedom. We ensure that all British Columbians have equitable access to information, ideas and works of the imagination.

ALS Name/Mandate Review Working Group Invitation

The BCLA Academic Librarians Section (BC ALS) put a call out for a working group to review ALS’s name and mandate in February 2016. This working group would consider comments received from BC

BCLA PLIG Name Change

There have been several inquiries and comments regarding the expansion of the Public Librarians Interest Group’s name and mandate to include all library staff, in addition to librarians. We propose the name of

ED Update: BCLA Notebooks! How to Order!

They’re here! The BCLA Notebooks have arrived and are ready for ordering! In case you missed our original announcement, BCLA commissioned a commemorative notebook celebrating 25 years of BC Summer Reading Club. Our

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