The Miscellany Issue: A Letter from the Editors

Unlike other issues this year, the final issue of BCLA Perspectives doesn’t have one unifying theme; instead, it touches on a variety of topics from the library community.

Several articles in this issue focus on unique programs being run in various libraries, from book-binding workshops to programs for seniors and adult learners. Read about creating library spaces, both as physical renovations and as emotionally safe workplaces. Additional articles examine the social return on investment in libraries, discuss non-academic sources, and present an overview of the October Children and Teen Services Conference. Finally, get to know an academic library worker in the new regular column from BCALS.

We would like to thank Kristina McGuirk, our outgoing editor, who has been essential to the running of Perspectives. Kristina has been an editor for 2 years, and was a board member for a year prior to her time as editor. Thank you for all of your hard work Kristina, and good luck with your new position as an archivist!

 For issues coming up in 2020, we hope to increase Perspectives content from our colleagues outside of the Lower Mainland of BC. If that’s you, and you’re interested in contributing content, please click here or contact us at [email protected].