British Columbia Library Association

Upcoming Issue

For the next issue of BCLA Perspectives, we want to address barriers to patrons using the library such as fines, opening hours, digital access, rules and conduct expectations and barriers to offering more/different programming/collections such as language, funding, and connecting with disengaged and underserved communities to understand their wants and needs.

We also want to hear about barriers in the library profession such as precarious employment, affording school, breaking into tight library systems, sharing resources, and connecting across library systems, roles, and geography.

What are your personal and/or professional experiences? How is your institution trying to rethink the library in light of these concerns? What stories of success can you share of patrons, employees, and groups breaking down barriers? What lessons have been learned?

You can email pitches and questions to

Pitches are due August 1, stories are due August 15. Issue publishes the first week of September.