British Columbia Library Association

Upcoming Issue

As many prepare to attend the 2019 BC Library Conference and Beyond Hope 2019, we hope you’ll keep the Professional Development issue of BCLA Perspectives in mind.

For this issue, we want to know you stay current in your field and/or your specific role. What skill-building opportunities are you taking advantage of? Are you active in one or more of the many professional organizations such as  AABC, ARLIS, ACRL, SLA, BCLA or the varied subcommittees and interest groups? What benefits have you gained from membership in one of these associations? What does it mean to serve the library community through leadership roles in these organizations?

What are the barriers to  professional development? What opportunities do you wish existed for library workers in our area? Are emerging themes or trends being addressed, or are you seeing the same old things? What’s missing?

Whether it’s first impressions from a student attending a library conference, a new professional’s opinion on what’s missing, a long-time library worker’s view on how professional development has changed in the last decade, or an organization’s internal activities and commitment to PD, we’d love to hear from you.

You can email pitches and questions to To allow for pitches inspired by this conference season, we’re extending our usual deadlines:

Pitches due: May 24th

Submissions due: June 10

Issue publishes: Week of June 17