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Do you have stories of serving new or more diverse groups through tech-focused programming or creative uses of social media? Examples of how technology has helped you better advocate for your organization? Have you faced obsolete devices and formats, or handled ransomware or malicious attacks on your systems or hardware?

The September issue of BCLA Perspectives will address how technology is shaping our work, working environments, and relationships with patrons and colleagues.

We want to know how technology succeeded, and where has it failed, in helping you do your work. How are librarians using technology in the classroom or enhancing their services corporate environments? Is technology prompting you to find new and creative ways promote your physical collections and spaces?

In addition to new projects and developing initiatives, we want to hear your updates on longstanding technology labs, digitization projects, and e-book programs. What are the keys to making technology in the library sustainable, and what tools do you use to keep up with changing trends and assist tech-interested patrons?

We invite you to share our request for articles with your colleagues. News, opinion, multimedia, and other story types are accepted. Submissions may be long-form or as short as 150 words. You can email pitches and questions to

Plus! Keep an eye out for our brief survey, hitting email at the end of the month.

Nolan Kelly, Kristina McGuirk, Tammie Mercado
Editors, BCLA Perspectives

The theme of BCLA Perspectives’ September 2018 issue is Technology. It will feature news, discussions, and survey results about the impact of new and changing technology for library workers. Pitches due: August 1; submissions due: August 15. Questions?