British Columbia Library Association

Upcoming Issue

For the next issue of BCLA Perspectives, we hope to encourage discussion around human resources in the information professions. We want to hear about your staffing issues, library labour (not just the ‘work’ we do), and hiring. We’d love stories about your experiences in your institution(s), how you’ve managed to celebrate milestones during the pandemic, and anything else with a human element you’re willing to share. Send us your pitch by August 16.

As we’re still in the middle of this pandemic, we are also accepting COVID 19-related articles on an on-going basis, even if they don’t primarily focus on human resources.

As always, we encourage content from our colleagues from all parts of the province, and all types and sizes of libraries. We would also like to especially encourage voices we don’t hear from or read often, although we understand that life continues to be stressful at this time.

We’re still running a series on rural libraries and librarians.

In an effort to increase content from and for libraries and librarians outside of larger urban centres, we recently added a new interview series that will highlight librarians and other information professionals working in rural or remote settings throughout the province. If you’d be interested in having a casual interview about your work for this new ongoing interview series, please contact us at [email protected]This was our first profile. Please be advised, there may be a waitlist for being profiled as there is a large amount of interest.

For questions, comments, or article pitches, please contact us at [email protected].