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Increased Regional Content and Participation:

A new year brings New Year’s resolutions. What’s ours? We want to more directly encourage participation and content submission from our colleagues in regions outside the boundaries of Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We decided the best way to do this is just ask for it:

Are you an information professional from outside the Lower Mainland? We want to hear from you!  Tell us about your programs, collections, and patrons. What’s different about information work in regional settings?  What benefits and challenges are specific to your town or municipality? Email pitches and questions to

Our Next Issue: Sustainability (Planned Publication Mar 1, 2020 – Pitches due Feb 1, submissions due Feb 15)

Ahead of Earth Day (April 22, 2020), we’re hoping to help focus discussion about sustainability in the information professions. How do current concerns about climate and the environment affect how we do our jobs?. Tell us about how sustainability initiatives have manifested in your workplace – both with the public and behind the scenes. Or, do you have some thoughts about how libraries and archives can approach our work with environmental responsibility in mind?  Share your thoughts with us. Email pitches and questions to


Upcoming Issues:

Human Resources (Planned Publication June 1, 2020)
Libraries and archives are filled with people who love what they do.  What’s the current status of human resources in the information professions? How best do we facilitate healthy work environments and relations between staff and supervisors, labour and management? We also want to hear about how support staff such as custodial and security staff are included in these initiatives. Tell us about your recent success stories and challenges in Human Resources.

Language (Planned Publication Sept 1, 2020)
How has your workplace approached and  language in the workplace? Most of us work with a multilingual and multicultural patron populations and collections. Tell us about your initiatives to break language barriers in libraries and archives. From programs, displays, collections to classification, subject headings, and bibliographic standards – we want to hear about it all!

Open Access (Planned Publication Dec 1, 2020)
What’s new in Open Access? How does the movement for the free and unrestricted access to research output continue to evolve and change the way scholars and information professionals share and disseminate information?  We’re hoping the timing of this issue allows our colleagues to share their contributions and reflections from Open Access Week in October 2020