British Columbia Library Association

Upcoming Issue

The December issue of BCLA Perspectives will address the ways that libraries are bringing services to their communities and creating relationships with new users through outreach.

Do you have stories of social media or digital content reaching unexpected audiences? Has reaching out to a local institution had the results you hoped for? What successful strategies, failed attempts, or in-the-works programs are part of your outreach approach? How are you developing skills and strategies for marketing? What evidence or information do you use to make the decision to pursue new programs and user groups?

Tell us about your outreach initiatives that are building awareness and taking programs and services beyond the building’s walls. We want to know how corporate libraries are promoting their services, how school libraries gain teacher and parent support, and what rural public libraries are using as tools for outreach.

You can email pitches and questions to

Pitches due: November 1. Submissions due: November 15.