Accessibility Interest Group (AIG)

This group is currently inactive. If you are interested in revitalizing the Accessibility Interest Group by stepping into the Chair’s role, please contact Angie Ayupova at [email protected].



Welcome to the Accessibility Interest Group (AIG)!

The decision has been made by the Special Needs Interest Group (SNIG) to update its name to Accessibility Interest Group (AIG) starting March 1, 2015.

Who We Are

Library personnel from all types of libraries, and others who are interested in library services to people with disabilities. If you are involved in providing library services to people with special needs, please consider joining us, we welcome new members.

Our Purpose

To improve library service to people with disabilities.

Our Terms of Reference

  • to develop partnerships with other agencies having a related focus,
  • to heighten awareness of issues related to library service to people with disabilities,
  • to advocate for improvements and/or changes that will facilitate better access to library services and collections for people with disabilities,
  • to promote the development and evaluation of materials in formats suitable for people with disabilities.

Our Current Project

  • Submission to the 2016 BCLA conference to present the Webinar Version of the Toolkit,
  • Researching means and ways to promote library services for people with disabilities throughout the province of BC.

Past Projects

Audiobook Program Donation Fund: During our first year we raised, with the help of the BCLA Fund Development Committee, over $15,000.00 towards production of audiobooks for library users unable to read print. We donated that money to the B.C. Library Services Branch for the production of 15 new audiobook titles recommended by our members for public libraries through the PLSB Audiobook Program. A donation brochure was developed to raise funds for the Audiobook Program. We also plan to use this web site to share information, resources, and issues about library accessibility for people with disabilities.

Disability Awareness Toolkit: The Services to People with Print Disabilities Working Group (part of the Accessibility Interest Group of the BC Library Association) applied for and received a grant from the Vancouver Foundation to produce a Disability Awareness Toolkit for libraries. The Toolkit is aimed at assisting library staff in providing services to patrons with any kind of disability.

For a complete explanation of the Toolkit, please click here.
To learn about three key components of the Toolkit, please follow the links below.
Digital Libraries for People with Print Disabilities: Watching and providing input in the development of two national digital libraries for people with print disabilities: the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) and the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS).


Chair: Vacant

SPPD – Services for People with a Print Disability Working Group

Please look on the SPPD page for more information.

Join the Conversation

Check out what everyone is discussing over on the forum BCLA Accessibility Interest Group here. Must be a member of BCLA or a forum member to view & discuss.