Climate Action Committee Home

Welcome to the BCLA Climate Action Committee!

We are a group of passionate professionals creating space within BCLA for learning, strategic planning, and ACTION to face the existential threat of climate collapse. Climate change is already affecting the library profession, our communities, and our entire ecosystem in profound ways. The Climate Action Committee crafts resources, events, and strategies specifically for library and information professionals. We promote awareness of the impacts of climate change on libraries and their communities, share information on ways to curtail future catastrophic change, and support efforts to adapt to our rapidly changing ecosystems. We also value the relationships created through our work together. We invite you to join the conversation and our monthly Zoom planning meetings (3rd Friday every month, 12-1 PM).

Current BCLA CAC Executive Team (2023 – 2024)

  • David C. Waddell (Co-Chair, year 2)
  • Caitlin MacRae (Co-Chair, year 1)
  • Lisa Nathan (Recording Secretary)
  • Helen Brown (Director-at-Large, year 2)
  • Diana Marshall (Director-at-Large, year 1)
  • Amory Strader (Student Representative)
  • Dan Hackborn (Student Representative)

Contact us:

CAC Email: [email protected]