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LGBTQ Interest Group Resources & Documents

On this page you will find book and DVD lists the group has created. This is not a page for outside resources. Please do not contact us to ask to be added to this page.


Disrupt and Transform to Grow Resilience: Inclusive Library Policies and Strategies for Serving LGBTQ* Minorities by Dr. Alvin Shrader

Dr. Alvin Shrader’s Extra Slides from his presentation

Representation is Key: Examining Children’s and Young Adult Trans Literature and the Role of Libraries by Lindsay Russell


Book Lists: 


2018 New LGBTQ Adult Books

2018 New LGBTQ Teen Books

2018 New LGBTQ Children’s Books


2017 New LGBTQ Teen Books

2017 New LGBTQ Children’s Books

2017 New LGBTQ Adult DVDs

2017 New LGBTQ Adult Books


2016 New LGBTQ Adult Books

2016 New LGBTQ Adult DVDs

2016 New LGBTQ Teen Books

2016 New LGBTQ Children’s Books


2015 New LGBTQ Adult Books

2015 New and Upcoming LGBTQ Teen Books

2015 New LGBTQ Children’s Books