BCLA Perspectives introduces new editorial team

The BCLA Perspectives editorial team – co-editors and board members – are very pleased to officially introduce the publication’s new editors. Cassie McFadden, Tim McMillan, and Leah Payne are taking the helm of BCLA Perspectives from co-editors Alyssa Green, Leanna Jantzi, and Jessica Woolman.

The past few years have been a dynamic time for BCLA’s publication. In 2014, an editorial team was established for the then-titled BCLA Browser. After conducting a readership survey in January 2015, and a content audit of previous issues, the Browser went on hiatus to reform and retool. In November 2015, the publication relaunched with its new name and on a new digital platform. This evolution was not out of step for the publication, which has a history and tradition of embracing change. The newsletter began as the paper-issued BCLA Reporter, and in 2009, was re-born as the Browser, in digital form.

Now that the association’s publication has undergone its latest transition, it is time for another injection of energy, skill, and talent.

Tim McMillan is a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS) with a Master of Library and Information Science degree and a Master of Archival Studies degree. He is currently the Head of the Vancouver Public Library’s Fraserview Branch. An active member of BCLA and the BCLA Readers’ Advisory Interest Group, Tim co-delivered a BCLA conference presentation on innovative readers’ services. His research interests include: library branding and services’ marketing, archival collections in library contexts, and information service to Canadian newcomers.

Cassie McFadden is also a UBC SLAIS graduate with an interest in public libraries and community librarianship. She currently works as an administrative assistant and receptionist at Britannia Lodge, a specialized residential care facility in East Vancouver, and is interested in how public libraries can work with nursing homes to provide outreach services for those who cannot physically visit the library. Prior to starting graduate school, Cassie received a journalism degree from San Francisco State University and worked for the East Bay Express, a weekly newspaper in Oakland, California, before relocating to Canada.

Leah Payne is currently a MLIS candidate at UBC SLAIS. Prior to joining UBC, she studied Communication at SFU and worked as an Editor for alive Magazine , a Canadian natural health and wellness publication. Leah also works as a freelance writer, editor, and public relations consultant. Some of her projects include writing magazine articles for alive and providing public relations support to Fable Naturals.

Contributing to the success of Perspectives are its current, former, and soon-to-join board members: Annette DeFaveri, Cara Pryor, Lara Harker, Ashley Edwards, Christina Neigel, Heidi Schiller, Anna Ferri, and Gillian Guilmant-Smith.

The current team at BCLA Perspectives builds on the success established by former Browser editor Sandra Wong, a cadre of former section editors, and a myriad of dedicated authors who have taken the time to share stories.

At Perspectives, we engage, connect, inspire, and inform our community – and are looking forward to exciting years to come.