BCLA Perspectives

A letter from the editors

The newsletter’s editorial team is pleased to welcome two new members: Nolan Kelly joins us as an editor and Kristina McGuirk as the editorial board’s new student representative. Both Nolan and Kristina have backgrounds in journalism and will no doubt be a reinvigorating force for BCLA Perspectives.

Nolan is currently enrolled in the Library & Information Technology program at Langara College. Prior to joining the program he worked as a journalist for a number of publications around Canada, including the Vancouver Province. He is the chair of Libraries Across Borders, the Langara student liaison for the Library Technicians and Assistants Section, and a member of the Readers’ Advisory Interest Group. He is looking forward to collaborating with the established editorial team and in making a meaningful contribution to the publication.

Kristina is in the second year of a dual master’s degree in archival studies and library studies at the iSchool. She has worked in various capacities at UBC, including a co-op position as a digital projects librarian, graduate assistantships with InterPARES Trust, blogging and tweeting for UBC Digital Initiatives, and social media and event coordinating for the October 2016 academic conference “Crime and Punishment at 150.” Kristina is also the events coordinator for the ACA@UBC chapter. Before starting her library and archives education, Kristina wrote and edited for various special-interest magazines under the brand Better Homes and Gardens.

This issue of BCLA Perspectives is dedicated to the memory and work of Brian Campbell, who passed away on December 27, 2016. Brian is remembered as a nationally recognized library leader, activist, and mentor. He was a dedicated advocate of intellectual freedom and a founding member of the BCLA’s Intellectual Freedom and Information Policy committees. A number of Brian’s friends and colleagues—many of whom worked with him during his long tenure at Vancouver Public Library—have contributed their reminiscences to a special section of this issue.

Thank you to everyone who supports BCLA Perspectives by contributing, reading, and sharing. It is your engagement that makes this publication thrive as a platform for library professionals to engage in news and ideas. Now, perhaps more than ever, it is crucial that we share in earnest our thoughts and insights, partake in meaningful discussions, and support the principles of intellectual freedom so central to the values of librarianship.

Cassie McFadden and Tim McMillan,

Editors, BCLA Perspectives