The Rural Issue: A letter from the editors

ruralIn keeping with BCLA’s mission to advance libraries throughout British Columbia, the theme of BCLA Perspectives December 2017 issue is rural libraries. This special issue is a platform for people working in or with rural libraries to highlight issues affecting libraries in their regions as well as to share stories about the work being done outside of larger urban library systems. It is an opportunity for rural libraries to showcase what makes them unique as well as to reflect on similarities with their urban counterparts.

Looking ahead to next year, the March 2018 issue has been designated as The Social Issue, and will feature news and discussions about the intersection of libraries and the social issues they contend with. Pitches are due February 1, with a February 15 submission deadline.

Also: Are you a BC library professional interested in joining Perspectives as a volunteer co-editor? This is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience editing a professional publication as well as a chance to contribute to the conversation about libraries in BC. The opportunity is open to professionals as well as students. If you are interested or have any questions, please send an email to perspectives@bcla.bc.ca detailing your relevant experience and why you would like to work on the publication. Prospective candidates should be willing to commit to an approximately two-year term.

Thanks to everyone for reading, contributing, and sharing!

Cassie McFadden, Nolan Kelly, and Tim McMillan