BCLA Perspectives

Survey: Institutional support

Question: What kind of support does your institution provide for developing skills in technology? (Check all that apply)

Of the 143 respondents, 10% said their workplace provides none of the support options. For the remaining calculations, we removed those respondents from the population and considered the responses of only those 129 respondents who have institutional support.

While the majority of respondents selected 2-3 types of support (including ‘other’) offered by their employer, 18% of respondents indicated only one type of support available to them.

On-site training is the most common type of support (indicated by 72% of respondents). Financial support (57%) and logistical support (56%) are available at a majority of locations as well.

Elaborations in the ‘other’ category were also enlightening, often qualifying the respondent’s additional selections. For example, one respondent noted that even if support was available it was expected to be done on the employee’s own time, while another respondent highlighted that it’s hard to take advantage of some available support, like webinars, from a reference desk or patron-centric position. Another respondent candidly pointed out they aren’t aware of if support is institutionally available for technology.


The graph represents each choice’s percent of the total 336 selections made by the 143 respondents to this question. Click to enlarge.