BCLA Perspectives

The Collaboration Issue: A letter from the Editors

After the inspiring Outreach Issue in December 2018, we’re excited to follow-up with a look at collaboration in the library world. This issue’s contributors have demonstrated that collaborative initiatives can challenge us to grow as professionals and expand our knowledge and skills. The programs and services that result from these efforts allow us to extend the reach of our traditional service boundaries, with results that are both unique and innovative.

These initiatives can take place within our own organizations, such as West Vancouver Memorial Library’s experiences with interdepartmental efforts to bring creative digital programs to The Lab. Or they may reach across organizations, such as the Digitized Okanagan History project, which has led to a large partnership of museums and archives, and an impressive online digital repository – all created through collaboration that prioritizes communication and respect for all the involved stakeholders. Cross-discipline collaboration can yield benefits for the community, too (as with PovNet and the Burnaby Festival of Learning).

And of course, we couldn’t do an issue on collaboration without recognizing GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) and its commitment to the importance of interdisciplinary work amongst member professions. Two years into the MOU, we’re excited to share updates from our co-collaborators, the British Columbia Museums Association and the Archives Association of BC, as well as the ongoing work towards the BC Digital Library.

Our next issue lands in June 2019, shortly after the BC Library Conference. The timing of this got us thinking about professional development in our field and the many ways people give back to our professional community. Are you active in ARLIS, SLA, ACA, or one of the many other professional organizations? How are you gaining new skills? We’d love to hear from you about the BCLA Sections, Committees, and Interest Groups you belong to, the work that you do, or what it’s like to attend a meeting.

Email [email protected] with story ideas for the next issue. And don’t forget we are looking for a new editor to join our team, so please consider our call to collaborate!