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Welcome to the Public Libraries Interest Group (PLIG)!

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About PLIG


A connected, inclusive, and informed public library community.


Providing connection, information, and advocacy for BC’s public library community.

The BCLA Public Libraries Interest Group holds the same core values of BCLA:

  1. Access and Inclusion
  2. Intellectual Freedom
  3. Innovation and Creativity
  4. Diversity
  5. Literacy and Lifelong Learning
  6. Accountability


  1. Engage the public library community
    • Be a platform for discussing and sharing issues, ideas and inspiration concerning public libraries
    • Provide opportunities for community and relationship building
  1. Provide opportunities for professional development
  2. Increase group capacity
    • Grow active participation in events and meetings
    • Ensure inclusion across the province and across all public library staff positions

For information about PLIG please contact Alexis Greenwood


Members belong to the BC Library Association and will be drawn from the public library community at large, based on interest.

Executive Members (April 2021-2022)

Chair: Alexis Greenwood

Recording Secretary: Vicky Woo

Communications Officer: William Dereume

Student Reps:


Got some feedback for us?

Contact the PLIG executive at or fill out our feedback form.