British Columbia Library Association

Welcome to the Public Libraries Interest Group (PLIG)!

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About PLIG


A connected, inclusive, and informed public library community.


Providing connection, information, and advocacy for BC’s public library community.

The BCLA Public Libraries Interest Group holds the same core values of BCLA:

  1. Access and Inclusion
  2. Intellectual Freedom
  3. Innovation and Creativity
  4. Diversity
  5. Literacy and Lifelong Learning
  6. Accountability


  1. Engage the public library community
    • Be a platform for discussing and sharing issues, ideas and inspiration concerning public libraries
    • Provide opportunities for community and relationship building
  1. Provide opportunities for professional development
  2. Increase group capacity
    • Grow active participation in events and meetings
    • Ensure inclusion across the province and across all public library staff positions

For information about PLIG please contact Co-Chair Adam Farrell or Co-Chair Gillian Guilmant-Smith.


Members belong to the BC Library Association and will be drawn from the public library community at large, based on interest.

Executive members, April 2019-2020

Co-Chairs: Adam Farrell & Gillian Guilmant-Smith

Recording Secretary: Vicky Woo

Communications Officer: William Dereume

Student Reps:

Contact the PLIG executive at