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BCCATS J. McRee Elrod Leadership Award

Since 2014, the BCCATS Technical Services Award has recognized individuals or work teams demonstrating levels of excellence that have made a palpable difference to users and colleagues in British Columbia in the area of Technical Services. It is now the BCCATS J. McRee Elrod Leadership Award, drawing inspiration from Mac’s lifelong dedication to patron-centred values, freedom of information, and social justice. This new iteration preserves the focus of previous awards but reframes it in the context of a) integrating our work more seamlessly with traditional point-of-contact public services, b) making collections management and resource discovery more responsive, transparent, and directly visible, and c) advocacy for unfiltered, unbiased patron access to information by improving the discovery and fulfillment of library resources.

Nomination criteria will include at least some of the following:

– Demonstrated impact on users, the library and/or colleagues across BC

– Demonstrated collaboration with colleagues or other institutions

– Commitment to intellectual freedom principles, beyond ideology or partisanship

– Worthy of inspiring similar efforts within the profession

– Must have worked in B.C. within the past year

Examples of activities having an impact on Technical Services in BC might include:

– Mentoring

– Teaching workshops, seminars, etc. for library workers, especially those expanding their portfolio or transitioning into technical services

– Initiating new “best practices”: developing and/or implementing new and/or improved formats, methods, techniques, equipment and routines demonstrating creativity and innovation

– Leveraging Technical Services for indigenous and other underserved populations

– Involvement in professional organizations

– Contributions to publication or studies/research

– Implementation of a special project, program or service

The deadline to submit nominations is Wednesday, April 4, 2018. The nomination form can be submitted via email to Samuel Richmond at Please note: Both first-time nominees and resubmissions of runner-ups from recent past years are welcome.

The award will be presented at the BCLA Annual Conference Awards Lunch in May 2018. Nominees or their institutions are required to be BCLA members.

The 2018 BCCATS J. McRee Elrod Leadership Award Committee:

Maryann Kempthorne (Capilano University:

Ryan Vernon (Langara College:

Trevor Smith (Douglas College:

Samuel Richmond, BCCATS Chair (Vancouver Public Library:


Please email Samuel Richmond if you have any questions regarding the BCCATS Award.