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BCLA Awards Nominations

Nominations for the 2024 BCLA Awards are now closed. Winners will be notified mid-April.

Nomination Process

In 2024, BCLA made changes to our awards nomination process. Our goal was to encourage nominations and create a more equitable process by reducing barriers for small libraries and people who don’t have experience putting forward nominations, while still having rigour in the selection of the recipients.

Rather than asking for an initial comprehensive nomination package and judging based on those submissions, which can vary widely, we are piloting a 2-step process to reduce the up-front work required to submit a nomination. This will allow the Awards Committee to judge the work being nominated, rather than the nomination package.  The new process is:

  • Step 1: Fill out the nomination form and respond to a single question specific to the award, using a maximum of 600 characters including spaces (approximately 100 words)
  • Step 2: BCLA Awards Committee reviews all submissions and shortlists 1-2 nominations, identifying follow-up questions to get the information they need to make a decision. Questions can be answered via email or in a meeting with the BCLA Executive Director who will summarize the answers for the Committee. The Committee will make a decision based on the answers.

Physical Awards

Starting in 2024 we changed our physical awards (this also applies to the BCALS, YAACS, and BCCATS awards). Instead of giving an engraved glass award, we are giving a parchment certificate in an award folder and making a $100 donation to the charity of the award recipient’s choice (can be any non-profit or charity, including their library). This approach is more aligned with our climate values and will result in a bigger positive impact, as the funds spent will simultaneously recognize the good work done by the winner and help to support more good work by their chosen non-profit or charity.