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Welcome to the Library Technicians’ and Assistants’ Section!

Library Technicians’ and Assistants’ Section (LTAS) is a part of the British Columbia Library Association (BCLA). The LTAS Executive is composed of volunteers with a commitment to developing and strengthening ties within the library field, and more specifically, among its members throughout the province of British Columbia.  LTAS currently has three active regional chapters.

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Our Mission 

LTAS’s mandate from membership is to provide relevant professional development, networking opportunities, and advocacy for library technicians and assistants in B.C.


LTAS shall primarily serve library technicians and assistants, including students of library and information technology diploma programs, living or working in B.C.

Regional Chapters

LTAS wants to better represent library technicians and assistants throughout the province. Library technicians and assistants outside of Vancouver can feel isolated from the association. To address this issue, LTAS encourages the development of regional chapters across BC.

To contact chairs or inquire your local area, please email