Executive Membership

Executive Members 2022-2023

President: Rhiannon Wallace

Incoming President: Emily Gow

Past President: Kate Wood

Secretary: Vacant

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YAACING Editors:

Co-Editors: Sabrina Gurniak & Emily Gow
Art Director: Sabrina Gurniak
Illustrator: Dawn Lo

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Continuing Education Coordinator – Kootenays:

Melodie Rae Storey

Continuing Education Coordinators – Lower Mainland – Children’s Services:

Sarah Bagshaw & Tess Prendergast

Continuing Education Coordinators – Lower Mainland – Teens:

Stephanie Usher,  Alan Woo & Vacant

Continuing Education Coordinator – Vancouver Island:


YAACS Award:

Katherine Parker

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BCTLA/BCTF Representative:

Holly Broadland

Red Cedar Liaison:

Marilyn MacPherson

iSchool Liaisons:

Student Liaison: Vanessa Bedford Gill & Natalia Wilczek

Faculty Liaison: Tess Prendergas

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Website and Social Media Administrator:

Sadie Tucker

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