BCLA is embarking on a journey to become an anti-racist organization, supported by The Commons Consulting. This will require ongoing and dedicated effort and funding, as there will always be more to do. We want to express our gratitude to the Indigenous, Black, and racialized members, past and present, who have invested time and energy to bring us to this point.

The initial phase, from March 2022-February 2023, is focused on information gathering and building a foundation by increasing staff and Board competencies. It will result in the development of a Final Report that outlines the organization’s current state and readiness for change with necessary recommendations to assist in future organizational transformation. This will serve as a guide for the ongoing equity, diversity, and inclusion, and anti-racism work of BCLA. The project team is comprised of staff from BCLA and The Commons, and will lead with a change management approach centering IBPOC voices and using an intersectional and equity lens in all aspects of the work.

We are looking for members of the BC library community to guide this work by being part of a Project Advisory Group (PAG). The PAG will be the main advisory body for the project. Its primary mandate is to provide guidance to the project team as they design and carry out the community engagement aspects of the project. If you are interested in being on the PAG, please see the detailed call for information on how to submit your expression of interest